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Acrid smoke billows from the glass, softened only by a hint of something molasses and an indefinable fruit edge.  



Massively peated spirit, coping with an orgy of tannins...?  



The smoke returns to a more sooty mode with maple syrup, molasses and-once more- that unrecognizable half-hearted fruit note.  

Overall balance and complexity:

An utterly baffling experience.  This is for all intense purposes a Scotch whisky: at least in personality.  If this was distilled in the US, then they have cracked it.  The thing that I particularly couldn't work out was an unrecognizable fruit edge. And after tasting I dug out the bottle and read the small print (so small the detail was left off the heading by my researchers).  That Riesling seasoned oak staves had been used. From the bizarre label and even brand name to the battle on your palate, this is a bewildering and non-sensical whisky-if it is whisky at all.  And the term is never used.  But wholly delicious if raw... and boasting an impact that blows the tastebuds' doors down... 93 POINTS (Brilliant)

54%. Non-coloured and non-chill-filtered.

– Acclaimed whisky critic, Jim Murray, The Whisky Bible

Rated "World Whisky of the Year"

by Wizards of Whisky

- Dominic Roskrow, Acclaimed whisky editor and author



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