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  • Can you ship bottles to locations outside of CA?
    No. We may not ship bottles outside of CA.. There are several reasons at play regarding our decisions not to ship to certain states at this time; state regulatory in combination with Lost Spirits Distillery permit constraints are among the top two. We may only conduct our business within the regulatory confines of each state law as it pertains to our licenses. We are quite frustrated by these constraints and share in your concerns about us not to be allowed to ship to each state.
  • Can you ship outside of the United States?
    At present, we cannot ship outside of the United States, however, we are setting-up infrastructure to allow this later. If this is of interest, you can add yourself to our waiting list by reaching out to You will be responsbile for shipping costs which are often more expensive. We do ask that you look into your countries rules and regulations on alcohol as well as taxes. We cannot take responsbility for what happens to the bottle once it is out of the country. So we heavily caveat that we will not provide replacement bottles if the bottle does not make it.
  • Can I buy bottles as a gift to ship to someone else?
    Yes, you can buy a bottle or membership as a gift to someone else. However, the same shipping rules will apply. The shipping address must be within CA.
  • Do you offer giftwrapping and or personal messages?
    Our system is not set-up to offer giftwrapping or a personal message.
  • What kind of packaging is used to ship bottles in?
    We use cardboard wine boxes with internal cardboard packaging that is designed to protect the bottle.
  • How can I check on my order / How can I track my package?
    You will be sent a tracking order once your package ships. This packing number will be sent to the email you provided during check out. Packages are expected to go out once in 2022 and twice in early 2023 only.
  • Is it safe to use my credit card?
    We use Paypal to process all transactions. You can pay using a credit card or alternatively you can pay with your Paypal account. If you pay using a credit card, Paypal will handle processing the purchase and we will not have access to any sensitive data. It is a secure shopping experience.
  • Do I have to order online?
    We do sell our product in some stores. But we are mostly sold out worldwide.
  • Can I return my order?
    Unfortunately, we will not accept returns. Once your item ships, we cannot make refunds or create return shipments.
  • How can I visit the distillery?
    Lost Spiris Distillery is closed to the public and no longer offers private tours at our Los Angeles location. Please visit us online at
  • What are my shipping options?
    At present, we will be shipping only three times. We work as hard as possible to ensure your order ships as soon as possible, however, those shipping times will be conducted only once in 2022 and twice in 2023. If we are able to ship more times we will, however, these products will likely NOT be reproduced again, so please be patient.
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