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– Acclaimed Rum Critic Andy Abrahams, UK

“Quite Astounding”


Aroma: When you first put this to your nose, it is intensely powerful, as to be expected.  You almost immediately get lost in a meld of aromas very reminiscent of Pedro Jiménez soaked Sherried prunes and raisins, it really is quite intense - its quite nice.  It goes into rich beefy molasses – along with an unusual aroma in the background of crushed rose hip -  and also get an alluring intense oakiness that draws you into its earthy depths.  It really is quite an earthy rum as well.  When you leave it for a while, it reveals tremendous leathery spiciness and a little bit of vanilla and licorice.


Taste: Gosh damn man that is lovely and powerful. You’ve got Oodles of citrus when you first taste it.  Lots of citrus there right up front along with an oak and astringency that takes hold and leads the way.  It starts to dry, very oak and quite astringent, it deepens into a meld of licorice, burnt brown sugar and chocolate over a tantalizing intense, spicy, drying espresso fade.  It really is quite wonderful.  Lovely. Watch the video

Helena Tiare-Olsen
A Mountain of Crushed Ice, Sweden




0.75 oz. Royal Pearl Diver’s Mix

0.75 oz. fresh lime juice

1 oz. fresh orange juice

1 oz. passionfruit juice

1 oz. Lost Spirits 61% Navy Style Rum

1 oz. Demerara rum

1 cup crushed ice

Mixing Instructions:

Add everything to a blender and blend at high speed 5 sec. Pour unstrained into a goblet or tiki mug and garnish with speared lime peel and cherry, a tropical orchid and a paper umbrella. Serve immediately.Sweet and sour, spicy and strong, complex and velvety smooth…


Royal Pearl Diver’s Mix (enough for 4 drinks):

1 oz unsalted butter (or ghee, clarified)

1 oz honey (use liquid)

1 oz orgeat

1/2 tsp pimento dram

pinch cinnamon spice


Heat butter and honey to melt, mix in the orgeat, pimento dram and cinnamon, then set aside to cool to room temp.


– KAHUNA KEVIN - TIKI COCKTAILS Vol. IV (The not so Tiki edition)



1.5 oz. lime juice (fresh)

1 oz. blackstrap rum

1 oz. Lost Spirits Navy Rum

1 oz. Abomination Sayers of the Law

1 oz orgeat syrup

.5 oz. dry curaçao

2 dashes smoked chili bitters

1 dash Angostura bitters

Mixing Instructions:

Add all ingredients to an empty cocktail shaker, then fill with ice.  Shake for approximately 12 seconds until well-chilled and strain into a frozen or chilled coupe glass. 

(Optional but highly recommended)

Smoke the entire cocktail with hickory wood chips in an enclosed smoking chamber for 3 minutes.

If you don't own a cocktail smoking gun and chamber, smoke the coupe glass by turning it upside down over smoldering hickory wood chips.  Flame an orange peels oil on-top of the cocktail and rim the coupe glass with the orange peel.  Discard the used peel and garnish with a long orange peel spiral.  Cheers!  Site link.


– KAHUNA KEVIN - TIKI COCKTAILS Vol. IV (The not so Tiki edition)



4 oz. Pineapple Juice (Fresh, Dole or Trader Joe's)

1 oz. Coconut Cream (Real Gourmet Cream of Coconut)

1 oz. Guyanan Demerara dark rum

1 oz. Orange Juice (fresh)

3/4 oz. Lost Spirits Navy 61 Rum

1/2 oz. St. Lucian spiced dark rum

1/4 tsp. Allspice/pimento dram

1 dash Angostura bitters

1 dash Saigon Cinnamon Powder

2 pinches grated nutmeg

Mixing Instructions:

Add all ingredients, including the Saigon Cinnamon and Grated Nutmeg, to an empty cocktail shaker, then fill with ice.  Shake for approximately 10 seconds until well chilled and dump everything into a bucket Tiki mug.  Top with an additional crushed ice as needed.

Garnish with plenty of mint sprigs, a twist of flamed orange peel and grate a bit more fresh nutmeg on top.  Cheers!

Life Tip:  If you're still in pain after two of these, you're living life way to hard.  Slow down man!  What are you doing to yourself?  

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